What is DgameMaker

At the beginning of November last year, our ” DgameMaker” project received millions of RMB in investment from NEO’s NGC fund. Thanks to this investment, we were able to weather the bitter winter winds of the New Year without freezing beside the roadside begging for handouts.

 It’s now been a few months since ” DgameMaker ” publicly appeared on the scene, but there are still some gamers and customers  out there who don’t understand what kind of tool it is and how powerful it can be.

Be regarded as Block Chain Game…

So I believe  it is necessary to clear the air and start a discussion about our product and what it can do and to finally answer the question: “What is ‘DgameMaker’?”

I have  talked from time to time about the concepts and uses of the ” DgameMaker” in  online forums and articles, but it has been either too general or too fragmented for the general user to fully understand, and to date, there has been  no complete explanation. It is about time that we rectify that.

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  Q1, What is the “DgameMaker”?

Captured  in  a single concept , ‘DgameMaker’ is a  “visual blockchain game creation platform.” But to the normal user, defining it with these terms will just leave many of them scratching their heads in confusion.

To get at the heart of what ‘DgameMaker’ is and what makes it special, there are two important questions that need to be answered first: What is “visualization”? And  what is the difference between a “creation platform” and a general platform?

 I’m going to do my best to answer them for you here today.

  Q2, What is “visualization”?

“Visualization” is also known as “what you see is what you get“.

Everyone can create games on this platform, without any programming experience.  Whether they wanted to add a character to the game to let them  become incorporated into the game story and its world, or develop their own unique props that could be added to the gameplay, distributed as a token on the blockchain that could be freely traded in-game between players, all of these potential options can be done with the tools provided through our platform. Simply put, just by utilizing the user friendly icons and buttons that everyone can easily understand, entering some text and values into the system you can, with minimal effort, convert your ideas into a game that belongs to you!

As for what exactly we mean by a “blockchain game”, industry insiders and some gamers who have been long familiar with its functions and capabilities, but for those more traditional gamers who lie outside of such circles, this term may be a bit confusing.

A “ blockchain game” refers to a game in which in-game assets are on the “blockchain” or the game logic itself is embedded in the “blockchain”. If all of the game logic is on the “chain”, it can also be referred to as a “full chain game” or a “pure chain game”.

The “DgameMaker” itself comes with a visual front-end, back-end and database implementation. Simply put, it is a natural forum to create online games.

Users who are more familiar with traditional game development only need to understand the concept of “smart contract” in the blockchain. You can use the blockchain module on our platform tools to add “chain game assets” to the game or to replace traditional game logic with “chain game logic” to make it a blockchain game.

NEO is the only chain supported by our blockchain module.

Everyone can use the visualization module to call our pre-release contract on the NEO main network. Once you have secured a license to our game platform, you can easily place assets or additional logic on the chain with no additional contracts or costs to the user.

If the creator needs to dock other public chains or to implement some special functions, this can be done by inserting code through a custom script system. However, this requires a certain understanding of programming and its foundations.

Finally, let’s talk about the “creation platform.”

  Q3, What is “creation platform”?

As a platform, the “DgameMaker” is mainly composed of three parts:

  • Authoring tool
  • Game store
  • Game community

The authoring tool is the part we most often mention, and it is also the part that everyone will use when creating games on our platform. It is a Mac\Windows universal software. This tool will be released quite soon on our upcoming official website for order and download in the game store.

Once games have been developed, they can then be uploaded through the creation tool. These games can be commercial-grade, or maybe made by creators to entertain themselves. Creators can also  update their own games like online novels, by releasing installments of the game chapter by chapter and granting players the ability to interact with the game creators themselves.

The game community provides a place for creators and players to communicate. The creator can communicate with the players, team up, and interact with them to incorporate any suggestions they may have. It is a great forum for both players and creators to exchange ideas freely to build better games and better experiences.

Subsequent platforms will also include some sub-levels, including game sample center, game asset auction house, crowdfunding system and more.

Now that we have introduced how our gaming platform works, for our next issue, we are going to demo a complete game example created with the “DgameMaker” software to demonstrate the amazing capabilities and potential of the product that has been our pride and joy!

Our dream is to fuel the passion of game lovers the world over to come, create and to share their own unique visions for their worlds. Worlds that we are excited to explore!